JD/Certificate in Environmental Studies Program

Directors: Professor Jutta Brunnee and Professor Andrew Green

This program is designed for JD students who are interested in environmental law and policy. The program enables these students to specialize in their area of interest and obtain a form of accreditation for doing so.

The program is run collaboratively by the Faculty of Law and the School of the Environment. In addition to the JD degree, students in the program will receive a certificate issued by the Faculty of Law stating that they have successfully completed the program requirements.


  • In the first year, students will complete all first year courses in the Faculty of Law. In the second and third years, students will complete a minimum of 48 law school credits, including Environmental Law. Students will also:

    1. take the following two ENV in-class courses:
          - ENV 1001H F - Environmental Decision Making (core course)
          - one elective offered by the School of the Environment OR such other courses as the Faculty of Law in consultation with the School of the Environment may prescribe from time to time;
    2. write a research paper (ENV 5555Y) which counts as a further ENV half course; and
    3. complete an internship (ENV 4444Y) approved by the School of the Environment.

  • During all three years of the program students will be registered in the Faculty of Law. They will pay law school tuition and they will be eligible for all forms of assistance under the law school's financial aid program.

Students enrolled in joint programs MUST complete the requirements of both programs in order to graduate in a joint program. No diplomas will be awarded until all the requirements for a joint program are fulfilled.


Students may apply for admission to the program at the start of their second year at the law school. Inquiries and applications should be addressed to one or other of the program directors by no later than May 31.

In addition, students must also complete and submit to the School of the Environment the Collaborative Program Confirmation Form. Please click on the link to access the form. For any inquiries about the Environmental Studies collaborative program, please contact Pavel Pripa, Graduate Student Advisor, at 416-978-3475 or at pavel.pripa@utoronto.ca